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P.J King Accused of Stealing from His Students

Every decade emerges something that changes the way the economy works. In this decade, that thing was cryptocurrency. And when other business people are busy investing in bitcoin to have their piece of the pie, P.J King has been busy doing something else.

Now many of you know P.J King as a space enthusiast and a business tycoon. Well, buckle up because you’re about to know another part of his life. Besides being the CEO of Venturion LLC, he also runs a side coaching business for upcoming entrepreneurs. And who better to take lessons from than a man who has single-handedly started multiple businesses, right?

Unfortunately, P.J King’s cryptocurrency coaching isn’t available for everyone. It is for those with a lot of money. First, you’ll be required to pay for the coaching sessions, which will cost a few million. You’ll then have to deposit your starting capital. He argues that he doesn’t work with dreamers but people who are ready to step up.

Now, this is a great strategy, and you’ll probably think of searching the program and joining it. The only problem is that after the lessons, no one has a record of having their capital back. The tycoon seems to be pocketing all the money. Apparently, the trainees signed papers saying that they only get access to the funds after he decides they’re up for the challenge. Therefore, there is really nothing much that can be done.

Final Thoughts

All this is heartbreaking. The people who we look up to help us build our communities are the same people ruining them.

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